1. NAME - The Club shall be called the “Welbeck Sailing Club”.

2. OBJECTS - The objects of the Club shall be to encourage the building, sailing and racing of sailing boats ; to form a fund from which to provide prizes; to maintain a Club House and other facilities for the use of members, and to do any other thing that may be considered necessary for or beneficial to the Club.

3. CLASS OF BOAT - The Club allows a menagerie fleet of different classes of sailing dinghies. The Committee will accept or reject the use of any proposed sailing vessel.

4. STATION - The Station shall be The Great Lake, Welbeck, or such other place as may be determined. Only boats owned by Full Members and accepted by the Committee shall be sailed at the Club Station and other boats shall not be sailed or brought upon the hard unless with the consent of the Committee.

5. MEMBERSHIP - There shall be six classes of membership.

1) Full Members (including Greendale Members).

2) Family Membership (Full Member + immediate family members).

3) Cadet Members between the ages of 8 and 18 years.

4) Crew Members.

5) Honorary Members.

6) Temporary Members.

Only Full Members can hold office or vote at any Meeting. Full Member may have Family Membership.

Every Full Member, unless a Greendale Member, is required to own, within two sailing seasons, not less than a one third share in a boat accepted by the Club.

The Club in Annual General Meeting may elect a President, Vice-Presidents and Honorary Members who must be put up for re-election annually. The election shall be by motion, duly proposed, seconded and carried by a majority of members present. The Secretary shall give a person elected an Honorary Member written notice of his election, and shall therewith send him a copy of these Rules, and upon intimating willingness to take up membership he shall become an Honorary Member of the Club. An Honorary Member shall pay neither entrance fee nor subscription.

Members of visiting teams and contestants in open events, shall automatically be granted temporary membership for the duration of the match or event.

A Full Member may propose any person for temporary membership. The Committee shall rule on the terms upon which such membership shall be allowed.

6. ENTRANCE FEES AND SUBSCRIPTIONS - The entrance fees and subscriptions for all classes of Members except Temporary Members shall be determined at a General Meeting of the Club.

Subscriptions shall be payable after the Annual General Meeting in each year. Any member whose annual subscription or any part of the previous years berth rent has not been paid by 31st July in any year shall be notified in writing and in the event of non-payment by the 31st August in the same year, the Hon. Treasurer shall so report at the next Committee Meeting. The Committee shall decide whether such a member shall cease to be a Member of the Club, or whether at their discretion he or she shall be given further time for payment. In all circumstances in the event of non-payment by 31st December in the same year, he or she shall cease to be a member.

7. MANAGEMENT - The Management of the affairs of the Club and the holding investment and disposal of its funds and other assets shall be entrusted to the Committee which shall (subject to Rule 10 ) consist of twelve members, all of whom shall be Full Members of the Club and from whom the Flag Officers and Officers of the Club shall be appointed.

8. FLAG OFFICERS AND OFFICERS - The Flag Officers of the Club shall be the Commodore, Vice-Commodore and Rear-Commodore and the Officers of the Club shall be the Hon. Secretary, Hon. Treasurer, Hon. Boatswain, Hon. Sailing Secretary and the Hon. House Steward.

Only those Members who have previously served at least one year on the Committee and who have been Full Members of the Club for three consecutive years shall be eligible to serve as Flag Officers.

If a Member shall have served as Commodore for three consecutive years he shall not, for the next succeeding year only, be eligible for election as a Flag Officer.

9. GENERAL MEETING - Full Members only of the Club shall be entitled to attend and vote at General Meetings. Seven clear days notice shall be given of all such meetings. Those attending shall sign the attendance book and one quarter of the total number of Full Members (but Greendale Members NOT to be counted in this number) shall form a quorum. Annual General Meetings shall be held between 1st January and 30th April. A special General Meeting shall be called within fifteen days of the receipt by the Hon. Secretary of a requisition in writing, signed by not less than ten Full Members, stating the object or objects for which the Meeting is required.

All questions and disputes arising in connection with votes, ballots or any matter connected with the conduct of a General Meeting shall be determined by the Chairman of the Meeting whose ruling shall be final and binding on all parties. In the event of an equality of votes the Chairman shall have at his discretion a second or casting vote.

10. ELECTION OF COMMITTEE AND OFFICERS - A form inviting Full Members to state if they are willing to serve on the committee will be sent each year with the Notice of the Annual General Meeting. This form shall be returned to the Hon. Secretary within 4 days, and a list of those willing to serve will be distributed at the Annual General Meeting for use as a voting paper by marking “X” against the names of twelve full members for whom it is desired to vote. Full Members unable to attend the meeting may ask the Hon. Secretary for a postal vote in which case the latter form will be sent to them and must be returned to the Hon. Secretary before the Annual General Meeting.

The Committee duly elected shall be installed and hold office until their successors have been duly elected and installed

Immediately following the election of the Committee, nominations for Flag Officers will be called for. Each nominee shall be proposed and seconded by a Full Member of the Club. In the event of two or more nominees for a Flag Office a vote by ballot shall be taken. The Officers of the Club shall be elected by the Committee from its own members.

11. DUTIES OF COMMITTEE - For the proper management of the affairs of the Club the Committee shall have power to make, alter and repeal such Bye-laws as shall not be inconsistent with these Rules. A Bye-law shall be enforceable and binding on all members by publication on the Club Notice Board and shall remain enforceable and binding until rescinded or varied by the Club at a General Meeting or repealed by the Committee. The Committee shall have power to invite Full Members to fill any vacancies which may occur in the Committee during the year of office and shall have the power to invite such other Full Members as they wish to attend but not to vote at Committee Meetings.

The Committee shall elect from its members two sub-committees i.e. the Sailing Committee and the House Committee. Each sub-committee shall include one Flag Officer (who shall be Chairman)

The sale of refreshments and the receipts and expenditure of the Club shall be made under the control of the Committee.

12. DUTIES OF OFFICERS - THE HONORARY SECRETARY shall give notice by post or E-Mail of all Meetings to the members concerned. He shall keep all minutes and records of the Club and shall be responsible for communicating all decisions of General and Committee Meetings to Officers and Members concerned.

THE HONORARY TREASURER shall keep account of all receipts and expenditure. He shall furnish receipts to members and others for all monies received and shall obtain receipts for all money paid. All money received shall be paid into the Bank, to the Club’s account, as soon as practicable, but a sum not exceeding 50 may be kept in hand for petty cash. He shall see that all accounts for payment are sanctioned by the Committee. An account of receipts and expenditure since the previous Committee Meeting shall be produced at each Committee Meeting. The accounts of the Club shall be audited by the Hon. Auditor to be elected at the Annual General Meeting, who shall examine the state of the finances of the Club and shall prepare reports of the state and condition of such finances up to 31st December each year. These accounts shall be presented to the Annual General Meeting. All cheques drawn on the Club’s Account shall be signed by the Signatories designated by the Committee

THE HONORARY BOATSWAIN shall so far as possible take such steps as may be necessary to protect the property of the Club. He shall be responsible for the maintenance of the Rescue Launch, berths, chocks, and such fend-offs as may be required. No member shall make alterations to berth, chocks, fend-offs or the hard without prior permission from the Hon. Boatswain.

THE SAILING COMMITTEE shall draw up lists of fixtures for Races for approval by the Committee whereupon fixture cards shall be printed and issued to all members

The Sailing Committee shall ensure that the fixtures are duly carried out or, if circumstances make an alteration necessary, they shall notify Members as soon as possible of any change by placing a Notice on the Club Notice Board. They shall also be responsible for starting arrangements and O.O.D. lists

THE HON. SAILING SECRETARY shall carry out the decisions of the Sailing Committee and shall keep minutes of the Sailing Committee Meetings. He will be responsible for preparation of Race Sheets and such other records as are required.

THE HOUSE COMMITTEE shall ensure that the Club House and Changing Rooms are maintained and cleaned. They shall also make to the Committee such recommendations as they consider necessary to ensure that the vicinity of the Club House is kept clean and tidy. They shall be responsible for the social functions undertaken by the Club.

THE HON.HOUSE STEWARD shall be responsible for carrying out the decision of the House Committee with respect to such catering as may be required.

13. DUTIES OF MEMBERS - In order to keep costs down, the Club operates a Work-Party Scheme. In addition to Duty as Officer of the Day, Members are expected to contribute the equivalent of one days work per year by assisting with the maintenance of the Club. Work-Party duties are many and variable and include catering, maintenance work, cleaning, committee work, race-officer, safety-boat duty or other work that the Club requires

14. COMMITTEE MEETINGS - The Committee shall meet at least once in every month and four days notice of meetings shall be given. THREE Committee Members plus a Flag Officer shall form a quorum. The Hon Secretary may at any time summon a meeting of the Committee and he shall do so forthwith upon the request of three members thereof.

Any member of the Committee who fails to attend two consecutive meetings of the Committee may, at the discretion of the Committee be removed from office.

15. ELECTION OF MEMBERS - The election of members shall be by the Committee. Candidates for membership which shall include Cadet Members and Crew Members seeking election as Full Members but shall exclude Greendale Members shall be proposed by a Full Member and seconded by another Full Member. The application form, which shall include a declaration that if elected to Membership the candidate will abide by the Rules and Bye-laws of the Club, must be completed and signed by the candidate, countersigned by the proposer and seconder and forwarded to the Hon. Secretary who shall present it to the Committee at the next meeting. If provisional approval of the application is given by the Committee the application shall be exhibited on the Club Notice Board for the period of three weeks during which period any objections to the applicants may be notified to the Hon. Secretary for consideration by the Committee. After such period the Hon. Secretary shall again present the application to the Committee at the next meeting when the final decision shall be made by ballot vote. An application shall be refused in the event of three votes against. Applications receiving first consideration and approval by the Committee at meetings held during the months of October, November, December, January, February and March need not be exhibited on the Club Notice Board and the final decision of the Committee shall be given at the next succeeding meeting following such enquiries concerning the applicant as the Committee shall consider necessary.

The Hon. Secretary shall notify the applicant of the final decision of the Committee and, if elected, the Hon. Treasurer will forward an account for entrance fee and subscription. If this account shall not be paid within 28 days of dispatch the election shall be revoked and the applicant so informed.

Any Full Member who has been a Full Member of the Club for a period of at least ten years and who wishes to relinquish the ownership or share of ownership in a boat accepted by the Club, may apply to the Committee for Greendale Membership by forwarding a written application to the Hon. Secretary who shall present it to the Committee at the next meeting. The Hon. Secretary shall notify the applicant of the decision of the Committee on such application.

The Committee shall have power from time to time, if they think it expedient in the interest of the Club to do so, to defer consideration of applications for membership of the Club. In this event the Hon. Secretary shall retain such applications until requested by the Committee to present them.

16. RESIGNATION OF MEMBERS - A member wishing to resign from the Club shall give notice in writing to the Hon. Secretary. Any such member will be expected to pay the subscription for the then current year.

Any Greendale Member wishing to resume the ownership or share of ownership in a boat accepted by the Club shall forward a written resignation of his Greendale membership to the Hon. Secretary whereupon such member shall become a Full Member of the Club.

17. EXPULSION OF MEMBERS - Any conduct on the part of a Member which in the opinion of the Committee is injurious to the interest of the Club shall render such member liable to expulsion. Upon notice of such conduct being brought before the Committee a special Committee Meeting may be convened. The notice convening the Meeting shall be sent to such member and he shall be invited to attend the Meeting to give such explanation orally or in writing as he desires before the Committee make their decision. Fourteen clear days’ notice of the Meeting shall be given. The Hon. Secretary shall notify such member of the decision of the Committee. A member expelled under this Rule shall forfeit all right in and claim upon the Club and its property.

18. FLAGS AND BADGES -The Burgee shall be royal blue ground divided by red and white horizontal lines, the white line being toward the mast head and super-imposed near the wide end by a fouled anchor in gold. The Commodore’s flag shall be the Burgee swallow-tailed, the Vice-Commodore’s similar with one gold ball and the Rear-Commodore’s similar with two gold balls.

The Cap-Badge of the Club shall consist of the Burgee surmounted by a ducal coronet the whole being surrounded by golden leaves.

19. AFFILIATION - The Club in General Meeting shall have the power to affiliate with other yacht, sailing or cruising clubs or associations.

20. VISITORS - No visitor shall be admitted to the Club House unless introduced by a member. The visitor and the introducing member shall sign the Visitors Book.

The following persons cannot be admitted as visitors : Those who have been refused election; those who have been expelled from the Club; those who, having been members, have resigned leaving subscriptions or fees unpaid.

21. BERTHS ON THE HARD - Berths shall be allocated to members annually by decision of the Hon Boatswain

No allocation of a berth shall be made unless for a boat which has been accepted by the Sailing Committee.

In the case of an allocated berth being left unoccupied whether temporarily or otherwise, the Committee may place another member’s boat thereon during the period such berth is unoccupied and may charge therefor notwithstanding that the member to whom the berth was originally allocated has paid the fee for such berth. The member to whom such berth was originally allocated shall be entitled to resume occupation on giving notice of his intention to the Hon. Boatswain.

The Club accept no responsibility for injury sustained by any Member or his family or visitor whilst at the Club Station or for the loss of or damage to a boat, motor car or other property of such persons brought or left upon the Club Station.

If required by the Committee all members shall provide suitable fend-offs approved by the Boatswain for protection both of their own and other members’ Boats. No boat will be allowed to occupy a berth unless in the opinion of the Committee it is being properly cared for and used reasonably. Boats berthed on the Hard shall be kept in such a state of repair and condition as not to discredit the Club. The Committee may give notice to any owner or owners of boats not complying with this Rule and if the requirements of the Committee are not fulfilled within a reasonable time the Committee shall have the power to remove the boat and stow it elsewhere at the expense of such owner or owners.

The Club-House and Dressing Rooms shall be cleared by November 30th. each year. Articles not claimed by their owners before this date shall be disposed of as directed by the Committee.

22. OPENING HOURS - The Club House shall be opened between such hours as the Committee may from time to time determine.

23. REGISTER - There shall be kept by the Secretary a register of the names and addresses of the Members and also a book at the Club House in which the names of Temporary Members and Visitors shall be entered.

24. ALTERATION OF RULES - No alteration or addition to these Rules shall be made unless at the Annual General Meeting or a Special General Meeting convened for that purpose. Notice of motion for such alteration or addition shall be included in the Notice convening such Meeting. Alterations or additions to these Rules passed at such a Meeting shall be printed and issued to the members forthwith.

25. DESPITE - the foregoing Rules all decisions of the Committee must conform to the terms of the Lease granted by the Welbeck Estates Company Limited. The members of the Committee at any time are responsible on behalf of the Club as Tenants under the Lease for observing its terms and for any payments due to the Estate. The said Committee members shall be indemnified against any personal liability which may be incurred under or by virtue of the terms of the Lease first out of the assets of the Club, and should these prove insufficient, then by contribution by all Full Members and Crew Members of the Club.

The Secretary shall notify the Welbeck Estates Company Limited in writing of the full names and addresses of the members of the Committee and of any changes as soon as possible after they occur.


1. In order to safeguard the interests of Mr William Parente and the Welbeck Estates Company Limited. All members shall:-

(i) enter and leave Welbeck Park only by the permitted access roads as shown on the Noticeboard or in the club Handbook

(ii) observe a speed limit of 25mph on the main drive and other drives leading to the Club House;

(iii) park motor cars adjacent to the Clubhouse and in a line running parallel with the Hard or in such other position as shall from time to time be decided by the Committee;

(iv) pick up any litter they may see on or about the Club Station;

(v) keep their dogs under strict control and not disturb or interfere with cattle, sheep, game or wildfowl on or about the Club Station and not fish in the Great Lake;

(vi) not damage or injure the trees, gates, fences, land and other property belonging to the Estate.

(vii) not wander about the Estate or banks of the lake, other than to walk to the exit at Bunkers Hill Lodge or on other pedestrian rights of way without straying from the roads and in particular not entering any adjoining woodland (children to be under supervision).

(viii) only sail during the times permitted by the Estate. These are currently Wednesday evenings 6pm. to 8-30pm. and Saturdays and Sundays 12 noon to 7pm.

NB. Special arrangements are made with the Estate for affiliated schools and for special events such as regattas.

2. Members introducing visitors shall ensure that their visitors whilst on the Welbeck Estate also comply with W.S.C. Rules and Bye-laws where applicable, and sign the Visitors Book.

3. Members must in no way impair relations between the Club and the Estate. It is assumed that all members will behave courteously to Mr William Parente and his servants.

4. When racing is in progress, non-competing boats including rowing dinghies must keep well clear of those racing, and in particular must not be in the vicinity of the start line between the ten minute bell and start of a race. Only 40 craft are permitted on the water at any one time.

These Rules were passed at the first Founders’ Management Meeting held 6th October 1949, and were revised at the Annual General Meetings held in January 1956, 1960, 1962, 1967, 1975, April 1984, 1985, 1990, 1995, 2000, 2008 and 2011