Covid-19 guidance.

Covid update.



Dear all,


Hope you’re all well and let’s hope that we have a good and safe sailing season.


The rules at the club haven’t changed from when we had to stop sailing early November last year.

Please look at our website to remind yourselves with the details of how keep safe at the club. For the time being it’s still:

1. keep 2m distance

2. wear face mask

3. wash your hands frequently and

4. avoid going in the clubhouse unless you have to

5. only visit the club on Wednesday’s and Sunday’s


Just a reminder that the number of infected people is still very high(about 1 in 340) which is about 7 times higher than in July last year. Also the main virus variant in circulation is more contagious and more likely to cause severe illness and unfortunately death, compared to last year’s virus.


The good news is that a fair percentage of club members have had their first covid vaccination, which will give some protection, but particularly in the elderly, this is not an absolute protection.

Update 06/01/2021

All areas in England have been put under National Lockdown. Members have to follow the rules applicable, in particular the club would expect all our members NOT to make any unnecessary journeys to and from the club until restrictions have been eased again.

Updated 25/09/2020.  


ONS-data from 25/9/20 show that the number of Covid infections is now about 5 times higher than when we started sailing again after lockdown.

There is now a legal obligation on clubs to collate contact data from individuals. Where it is lawful for a group of more than six individuals to enter the premises together as a group e.g. in line with the sporting exemption on the Rule of 6, the club must treat that group as if it consisted of a number of smaller sub-groups of no more than six individuals in each sub-group and request details from each sub-group.


In addition, from 24 September, clubs are also legally required to display an NHS Test and Trace QR code to aid this process. The obligation to collect contact data applies to both indoor and outdoor settings and in relation to both sporting and social activities.

I would suggest that all members download the NHS Test and Trace app which makes it very easy to use the QR code on display at the clubhouse


This guidance needs to be reviewed at least once a week. If any members have any safety concerns/suggestions they shall contact the Covid safety officer or a committee member. For latest updates/changes see last part of this guidance.


At all times current government guidelines must be observed. All normal WSC rules to be observed unless changed in this guidance.


The Covid-19 virus is unlike any other flu virus. It is more virulent, it is more contagious and there was no natural immunity at the start of the outbreak, nor is there a vaccine available. This is why it’s so deadly. The Covid-19 pandemic is to stay with us for the whole 2020 sailing season.


Although WSC will do everything possible to facilitate safe sailing, safety at the club is the responsibility of every individual member.


I’ve made the following assumptions:

  1. All surfaces in and around the club including our own cars are potentially contaminated.
  2. At all times 2 metres distance rule to be adhered to.
  3. Only single-handed boat use is safe except for members of same household.
  4. Launching/retrieving of rescue boat has potential for transmission.
  5. Use of clubhouse or other buildings has potential for transmission.
  6. Opening/closing of gates/use of keypad has potential for transmission.
  7. The virus is unlikely to survive for longer than 72 hours on any surface. We therefore only sail on Sundays and Wednesdays and we don’t sail on Saturdays.
  8. Rescue operations have to be restricted to absolute minimum, therefore no sailing when wind speed is likely to exceed 15mph.





What all club members need to do.

  1. Have stylus/pen or similar in car to use on keypad. Have kitchen roll or similar to touch latches/gate surfaces. Use hand sanitizer when leaving your car when arriving at the club and before getting into your car again when leaving the club

2 . Wear face mask or similar face covering whilst at the club.

  1. Have disposable gloves in the car to be used for one off tasks, see C. first person to arrive at the club.
  2. Put on your sailing clothes at home so that you don’t have to use the changing rooms.
  3. All members to stay at home if feeling unwell and or 37.8 or above. Also to stay at home if new continuous cough or 3 or more coughing bouts in 24hr period.



 Travelling to the club.

  1. Press keypad buttons with stylus/pen or similar device and leave in the car.
  2. Open both wooden gates by using kitchen roll tissue or similar so that your skin doesn’t touch gate latches/top of the gates.
  3. After leaving the car immediately use hand sanitizer. Also after returning to your car to pick up equipment etc..
  4. Members from different households are not allowed to travel to and from the club in the same car.


 Whilst at the club.

  1. Avoid any unnecessary touching of any surface whilst at the club. This includes avoiding helping other members with lawnmowers, their boats and other equipment.
  2. Bring and use your own (foldable) chairs.
  3. If we have to use the clubhouse because of rain etc. only use 1 chair for the whole time that you spend at the club and maintain 2m distance from other members.
  4. All members to avoid using toilet facilities by using toilet at home just before travelling to the club. If toilet has to be used at the club use hand sanitizer before entering and after leaving toilet facilities as well as washing your hands with soap and water. Paper towels are available. If you want to wash your hands, please use the outdoors sink. Unfortunately there are no paper towels available at the outdoors sink.

The showers are not to be used.

  1. All members are encouraged to bring their own hand sanitizer and disposable gloves.
  2. If any public surfaces, not your own boat, have been touched with your (gloved)hands to use surface disinfectant with a cloth to wipe the surface down. Disinfectant and cloths available in clubhouse and on the hard.
  3. When your hands have been in contact with any public surface to use hand sanitizer available on the hard and in the clubhouse.
  4. Dogs will be allowed at the club, but shall be kept on the leash at all times. I note that we’re using rat bait around the old clubhouse.
  5. All members not to wear gloves unless for sailing purposes or see C.1. It makes it easier to remember to wash your hands or use hand sanitizer.
  6. To use hand sanitizer every time you enter or leave the hard.
  7. All boats need to have masthead flotation to enable safer assistance in case of capsizing.
  8. Members of Rotherham Model Yacht Club(RMYC) to only use the north-western part of the hard(near the old slipway).
  9. From 14/09/2020 all members need to ensure before/in between/ after sailing, that they don’t form groups of more than 6 whilst at the sailing club, even when following the 2m distance rule. This rule of 6 does not apply when out on the water.


First person to arrive at the club.

  1. Park car in front of gate to compound and put disposable gloves on.
  2. Open compound gate, clubhouse door, both gates to hard and unlock all 3 doors of old clubhouse. Keep all gates and doors open, if necessary by using wedges/tyres etc.
  3. Remove gloves and park car in compound.


 Changes to OOD duties.

  1. Rescue boat to remain on the lake or singlehandedly launched from launching trolley/trailer. (Rain)water can be removed by removing (temporarily!) the bung at the back of the boat whilst driving the rescue boat.
  2. Only 1 OOD to use the rescue boat and fill petrol tank on any given day, unless assistance is needed for rescue purposes.

3. Races can be organised, but without signing in or out., this rule can be amended once we feel more confident about keeping transmission of virus to an absolute minimum/zero.

  1. Race course to be kept as simple as possible to avoid members having to write down the course to follow..
  2. At end of sailing the petrol tank to be put in storage near the starter hut and rescue boat to be moored in front of the starter hut or only the OOD to pull safety boat on trolley and trolley to be pulled out by car/lawnmower with tow bar. All gates to be closed and all doors to be locked whilst wearing disposable gloves.


General safety.

  1. No members to visit the club apart from on Wednesdays and Sundays. This is to avoid surface contamination and to avoid the need to regularly clean all the surfaces in and outside the club house.
  2. If contact between members has occurred by accident or necessity those members to exchange mobile phone numbers so that the necessary person(s) can be contacted if said member(s) develop symptoms of Covid-19.
  3. Anyone showing signs or been diagnosed with Covid19 MUST inform the club, especially if this happens after visiting the club to advise others who may have had contact with them and stay away.


4. The club will allow people at moderate risk (clinically vulnerable) to come to the club, this includes the over seventies, however the club does advise the people in this category to consider their individual risk which can be discussed with the Covid safety officer.

The club will allow people at high risk (clinically extremely vulnerable) to visit the club, but only after discussion with the Covid safety officer.

For details about  both categories see: https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-covid-19/people-at-higher-risk-from-coronavirus/whos-at-higher-risk-from-coronavirus/