Officer of the Day Duties (OOD)

Officer Of the Day Duties (OOD)


The club cannot operate without members occasionally performing club duties. The most obvious example being the OOD. The OOD is expected to ensure the safe and efficient running of the club. The duties may seem a little bewildering and overwhelming at first. Specific training is available if wanted, but please ensure you are competent before you are due to be OOD. We are a small friendly club and safety is paramount, there will be plenty of help if needed.


The below is intended as general guidance only.


If in doubt please ask the advice of a committee member.


  • Ensure the rescue boat(s) are on the water before anyone is allowed to put their boat on the water.


  • Ensure the club flag is flying on the centre flag pole and the race bell is in place.


  • The rescue boat/s must have the engine fuelled and ready to start immediately, complete with kill cords.(located in start hut drawer at left hand side) if not already on engine. The drain bung/s, (located in the start hut drawer if not in boat/s), to be fitted in the rear drain hole.


  • In the front storage area should be the following equipment.
  • a tow line/throw line,
  • spare buoyancy aids,
  • paddles,
  • storage area cover and spare kill cord.


  • Engine/s to be started and run to ensure cooling water is flowing from the back corner just below the engine cover.


  • Two people wherever possible in the rescue boat/s to help with rescue of people and boats, if this is not possible then please ensure you are fully confident with the rescue procedures.


  • Set a course or courses and start times for any races that may be taking place, display the course on the race board (in the start hut) and get all the competitors to sign the race sheets, (also in the start hut). It is expected that races should begin promptly at the allocated time.


  • Start the races by ringing the bell.

General race rules are:

  • bell at 10 min. ( ten min. bell can be dispensed with if necessary)
  • bell at 4 min.
  • bell at 1 min.
  • 4th bell on start time.


  • Once the race has started, follow round the course to ensure safety and to make sure people follow the correct course. Make sure you or someone else is back at the finishing line to record times and ring the bell as competitors finish. Complete race result sheet.


  • At the end of the day ensure everything is put away safely and notify the bosun if fuel is low in the tank/s and any repairs need doing.


It is essential that you make yourself familiar with and be able to handle the rescue boat/s. If you need any instruction in this regard please see the bosun or any committee member to arrange a suitable time for training.